Irrigation Officer job at Action Against Hunger ,Uganda

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DESCRIPTIONThe Irrigation Officer will lead the planning, designing, installation and supervision of irrigation works and contractors in the settlement, and oversee maintenance of installed irrigation systems.
1.Provide technical support to the construction and maintenance of Irrigation works (50%)
  • Develop structural designs in ArchiCAD or any other appropriate software for the various construction works and structures within the program area.
  • Supervise the Development, construction and rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructure in the program area.
  • Participate in the block farm planning and designing in collaboration with the FSL officer.
  • Participate in all program assessments and researches on project implementation
  • Support the PM to identify Block farms’ water needs and design appropriate systems to boost agricultural productivity.
  • Training of local farmer groups and community based facilitators on appropriate use of the irrigation systems constructed.
  • Install irrigation equipment, piping and valves.
  • Pro-actively troubleshoot and repair irrigation pipes and fittings, sprinklers heads. Completing repairs with minimal impact to lawn or landscape.
  • Perform general and seasonal system maintenance, backflow tests; Test irrigation systems for proper functioning of valves and timers; Record detailed inspections.
  • Locate, excavate and repair or replace damaged or malfunctioning equipment.
  • Responsible for technical definition of irrigation equipment, repair parts, keeping accurate inventory for procurement of irrigation kits/equipment.
  • Effectively assess water efficiency and make adjustments to quickly correct over or under watering.

2.Build the capacity of FSL Community based facilitators and farmer groups to effectively support beneficiaries put the irrigation system installed to good use.(30%)

  • Conduct detailed induction and orientation of new staff under your supervision ensuring that all relevant documents and tools of work are shared with new staff
  • Identify training needs and build capacity of CBFs and Farmer groups in all key technical programme aspects.
  • Provide capacity development training and support to the key stakeholders & project staff to effectively mobilize and deliver Irrigation related to activities.
  • Ensure that staff under your supervision are effectively prepared and supported to deliver their tasks and perform to expectation.

3.Assessments, monitoring and reporting (15%)

  • Participate in beneficiary profiling, beneficiary registration, and base line-end line assessments in FSL and WASH activities through technical review and guidance on data collection tools.
  • Participate in all project review assessments, surveys and studies and ensure these are conducted as per protocol.
  • Document and compile reports on project activities including Monthly & Quarterly donor reports, internal reports (Project Activity Reports (APRs) and activity reports (meetings, and any other activity).
  • Support the establishment of a database for all project activities to regularly monitor and evaluate their activities.
  • Take leadership in reporting on project progress, success stories and lessons learned during project implementation.

4. Coordination and representation (5 %)

  • Participate in appropriate multi-district activities related to production.
  • Ensure that stakeholders are sensitized on program accountability and have information on beneficiary feedback mechanism.
  • Work closely with relevant district departments, UNHCR and OPM to share relevant information.
  • Participate in internal and external meetings as per the PM guidance
  • Coordinate with other sectors of Action Against Hunger and all other stakeholders in the response.
  • Attend donor meetings and field visits as required.
  • Deliver diligently in any other duties as assigned from time to time
  • Bachelors degree in Agricultural Engineering, Water Engineering, Civil engineering, Agricultural Mechanization, or other relevant field.
  • Additionally, a diploma in Agricultural related studies with at least 5 years’ practical experience in designing and installation of irrigation and water works related projects shall be considered.
  • At least 4 years’ continuous experience implementing Irrigation and water systems activities, irrigation system installation, maintenance and repair.
  • Ability to create water systems designs using appropriate computer software
  • Experience supervising contractors handling large-scale water works.
  • Must be physically fit and reliable, able to ride a motorcycle with valid riding permit.
  • Extensive knowledge in irrigation system installation, maintenance and repair.
  • Ability to work from a standing position for over 5hours in a day and lift at least 50lbs of load.
  • Previous work with a busy multi-sectoral setting in a refugee setting is an asset
  • Previous work experience with farmer organizations.
  • Participatory training methodologies
  • Strong presentation skills with mastery of Power point, Excel, MS word
  • Strong communication skills (written and oral) in English
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment and make decisions independently
  • Team player, extremely flexible with the ability to cope with stressful situations
  • Excellent reporting skills with good oral and written communication skills
  • Culturally sensitive with Knowledge of the local language



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